I’m sure most people have heard of Audible by now. It is the place to purchase and download audiobooks. Real audiobooks are amazing because unlike a CD or MP3, they bookmark exactly where you stop listening, and start at the same spot next time, even if you change to music or a different selection.

I did a promotional trial of Audible last year. While I loved the books that I received, I do think the regular price is a little cost-prohibitive at USD $14.95 per month, which gets you 1 credit (or 1 book choice). I’m in Canada, and our exchange rate right now is awful! If you can wait until the next Amazon Prime day in July, there are typically promotions for new members. If you can’t wait that long, you can always sign-up for a free 30-day trial, and receive two free books as a new member.








So what did I get? Feeling thrifty, I decided to go for quantity as well as quality, and found amazing value in one of my favourite children’s authors, Beverly Cleary:

  • The Ramona Quimby Audio Collection contains all 8 books, and clocks in at 19 hours. It is performed by Stockard Channing (best known as Rizzo from Grease), who is spunky and the perfect narrator for this series.
  • The Henry Huggins Audio Collection contains 6 books, and is 15 hours longs. This is performed mostly by Neil Patrick Harris, so awesome as the earnest boy-next-door.

Despite the lengths of these collections, they don’t feel too ambitious because they are broken down into individual books, and then short chapters. My older daughter loved them on first listen at age 4.

Back to Audible, I ended up purchasing three additional discounted credits, and picked up a couple more books on sale. When I tried to cancel my membership the first time, Audible offered me $20 to stay! Another nice feature is you can pause your membership for up to three months, but still see the daily member specials. There are different sales at different times of the year too.

One last thing to check monthly is the free Kindle eBook on the Whispersync for Voice page. It’s a different classic book each month. You don’t need a Kindle or even ever read the eBook, but once you have “purchased” the eBook through Amazon, you can pick up the Audible version for free (or at a huge discount). Not typically books for children, but a great way to add to your own stash.

Eventually though, I did end my membership, but walked away with a nice little collection. I tried to choose books that my library did not carry. I would seriously consider re-joining Audible in the future if the right promotion came along. And I will definitely post about any deals I see in the future!


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