Author – Roald Dahl


I so wanted to share these beloved stories with my daughter earlier on in our listening journey, but there are some potentially scary elements, so I had to wait. Finally put on a couple of the shorter stories recently, and it was love!

All of Roald Dahl‘s books have this wonderful dark humour that I adore. We haven’t listened to everything yet, but so far so good!

Start with the Roald Dahl Audio Collection (read by the author!) and go on from there. I found most of them at my local library.





My personal favourite is The Witches but it can be a little intense for younger listeners. The movie still gives me chills too!


Book – Charlotte’s Web


Another perennial favourite!

The audio version of Charlotte’s Web is read by author E. B. White himself, and he does a terrific job bringing the characters of Charlotte, Wilbur, Templeton, and the rest of the characters to life.

I grew up on the movie, but now love listening to the book with my daughter. Find it at your local library, or through Audible.

Book – The Cricket in Times Square


I stumbled upon this delightful story by George Selden about Chester Cricket and his friends Tucker Mouse and Harry Cat while browsing the to-die-for kids section of Powell’s Books in Portland, OR. I was on the lookout for new audiobooks, and this was perfect for our six hour drive back home to Vancouver, BC.

Wonderfully narrated by actor Tony Shalhoub, the story is about Chester’s musical adventures in New York City. My daughter was hanging on to his every word!

Look for it through Audible, or at your local library!

Podcast – April Eight Songs & Stories Podcast


If you love fairy tales (like my daughter), but are looking for something different from the usual princess fare, then check out April Eight, a lovely new podcast that features thoughtful, original fairy tales.

Each episode starts with a folksy song, and April’s tales are gentle and full of imagination. Great for bed or quiet time.

Series – The Ralph Mouse Collection


I’ve written before about Beverly Cleary‘s famous series about Ramona Quimby and Henry Huggins. Her trilogy about an adventurous young mouse and his motorcycle is equally as fun! The books are:

And they are narrated by actor B. D. Wong, who is a wonderful storyteller. We really loved this imaginative series.

Book – Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH


I loved the movie as a child. I loved the book even more. So glad I got to share this classic by Robert C. O’Brien with my daughter in audiobook format.

Mrs Frisby is a mouse who seeks the help of mysterious intelligent rats to help move her family to safety. A timeless story about a mother’s love and bravery for her family, sprinkled with philosophy.

I’m only sad I can’t find the audio versions of the sequels. But they were fun books to read too!

Author – James Herriot


I discovered this collection of warm and fuzzy animal stories through the audiobook narrator, Jim Dale. (If you didn’t know already, he narrates Harry Potter!)

I actually didn’t know who James Herriot is. Turns out he’s a country veterinarian and author who has written a number of books about his life working with animals. This Treasury for Children is a collection of gentle tales about some of the creatures he’s encountered. Perfect for younger listeners and animal lovers.