This summer, I’m doing a 30-day free trial of Tales2Go, a subscription audiobook service aimed at kids from K-12.

So far, so good! Countless wonderful children’s titles to choose from – it’s like being a kid in a candy store! There are definitely some that I haven’t been able to find at our local library.

I’ve been mainly using the desktop player instead of the phone app, and casting it to our smart speaker. Not sure if I will end up keeping the subscription yet as we already subscribe to Spotify and there are so many free options out there, but this one is a definite contender.


Series – Catwings


I was very sad to learn that Ursula K. Le Guin passed away earlier this year. Her books always fascinated and haunted me, including this series about a charming family of kittens born with wings. This was my first introduction to her rich, thoughtful writing, which I read when I was a child and never forgot about.

These short audiobooks are read by the author, who has a very grandmotherly voice. If you love cats, like my girls, you will love this.

Book – The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Call me Idina.

That’s my five year-old wanting to be re-named after the fabulous Idina Menzel. Obviously Elsa played a part in this, but I’ve also introduced a number of Broadway musicals to my kids, including the famous Wicked, in which Idina Menzel has the starring role of Elphaba.

But you can’t really understand Wicked without first knowing the story of Dorothy and the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum.

Whether you find a version through your library, or Spotify, or Audible (with narration by Anne Hathaway), this classic tale is referenced so frequently that reading/listening to it is a must. Plus it’s pretty entertaining!

P.S. When the kids are older, I’ll be letting them listen to Rent, one of my favourite musicals and also featuring Idina Menzel. You can bet there’s an Oz reference there too (in the track, La Vie Boheme)!


Series – Anna Hibiscus


My daughter loved this sweet little series by Atinuke, about a young girl living in Africa (amazing Africa!). It’s always neat to learn about different cultures and ways of life than our own here in North America. And in many ways, we are really not so different.

We found the books at our local library, but they are also available on Audible.

Podcast – Bedtime Explorers

I’m on a roll! Two posts in two days. But… mainly because I’m home sick.


It was perfect timing that I discovered this lovely, relaxing podcast, which comes all the way from Down Under. Bedtime Explorers, from Kinderling Kids Radio and hosted by mindfulness coach Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, is a great new meditation series aimed to help soothe kids to sleep.

My kids definitely need this. The summer days are long and everyone’s going to bed way later than usual. There are eight episodes so far, and I’m looking forward to more!

Spotify – Thomas the Tank Engine

This happens to me all the time. We went away for a week during Spring Break, and three months later I still haven’t written a new post… I’m hoping to catch up now with some fresh ideas. So what’s new with us?

My five-year old is finishing kindergarten and learning to read. Very exciting, but this means she can now read the title tracks on our iPod, and she keeps choosing the same stories to listen to over and over. And so I haven’t had to introduce much new content at all. She’s pretty happy revisiting stuff she’s heard before.

What else? Spotify has totally changed how we listen to music! And stories! Just type in “story” or “audiobooks” under the search bar and you’ll find dozens of playlists. You can move your favourite tracks into your own personal playlists too. While not free, it gives you unlimited access to a ton of content, which I feel makes it worthwhile.

One that we’re enjoying now is Thomas the Tank Engine (narrated by Johnny Morris), especially my two-year old as she’s in a train phase.


Series – The Great Mouse Detective


Hands up if you’re an ’80s child like me whose first exposure to Sherlock Holmes was by way of the the 1986 Disney movie, The Great Mouse Detective.

I did go on to consume other movies and books about the many iterations of the famous consulting detective, originated by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and of course read the original tales. But somehow I missed this fun little series by Eve Titus, about Basil, the great mouse detective of Baker Street, and his associate, Dr. Dawson. (The movie was based on these books!)

Thankfully, I found them when I was looking for more mystery books for my five year old to listen to. It’s really a favourite genre of mine, and one that I hope my kids will love too!

The whole series is available on Audible.