Series – The Worst


This series by humorist Dave Barry, about a middle schooler’s misadventures, is a wee bit mature for my daughter, but we still found it really funny and very well-narrated. I think older kids will definitely enjoy this one!

I’m looking forward to more in this series.



Podcast – Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls


We are big, big fans of the two volumes of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. Any stories that inspire girls to dream big are ones I that want my daughters to listen to.

The audiobook versions of the two volumes are on the way (out May 1, 2018), but the free podcast is finally here! Told like a fairy tale, these true stories are meant to empower girls and help boys empathize with female heroes.

I’m definitely subscribing to this one, and look forward to more episodes!


Series – Fancy Nancy

I’ve been reading cute series to my oldest since she was three, and now that she’s five and learning to read, it’s been amazing to hear her read books to me for a change! Ooh la la!

Fancy Nancy by Jane O’Connor is awesome because she introduces new vocabulary by calling them fancy words.

The audio collection is comprised of 31 short stories (each about 7 minutes long), and dozens of new words to learn!

The narration by Chloe Hennessee is a tad saccharine, but my daughter still enjoyed it immensely.

Series – American Girl


Right now, my kids’ favourite doll is this battered old baby doll called… (wait for it…) Baby. I don’t know what they would do with an actual American Girl doll. Probably destroy its perfect hair in minutes.

But I have to admit, they are probably better role models for girls than your average Barbie.

I actually really enjoyed listening with my daughter to all these positive stories about girls growing up in America in different regions and times in history. The characters are diverse, and we learned quite a bit about American history (hey, we’re Canadian)!

There are ten books in this wholesome audio series. They are written and narrated by various authors and performers, and definitely worth a listen.


Series – The Lighthouse Family


My daughter fell in love with this sweet series about an unusual family of animals that live in a lighthouse by the sea.

We’ve read and enjoyed some of author Cynthia Rylant‘s other books (the Annie and Snowball, and Henry and Mudge series). And I knew these would be a hit as well.

There are soon to be eight books in the Lighthouse Family series. The first seven have been recorded into audiobooks by narrator Mark Nelson. They are short and delightful for younger kids.

Podcast – Little Stories for Tiny People


I wasn’t sure about this podcast when I first heard about it. My older daughter is five now and we’ve started to listen to some pretty adventurous fare; this podcast features cute animals doing cute things. But you know what? She loved it!

Little Stories for Tiny People is a super sweet podcast “featuring original audio stories that will delight the tiny people in your life” and boy does it ever! You can definitely feel the love that writer and performer Rhea Pechter puts into each episode. This podcast is now part of our regularly listening rotation.

P. S. I’m actually quite happy that my big kid is still a tiny person; some days it seems like she is growing up too quickly.

Series – The Secrets of Droon


First a little shout out to the Kingdom of Wrenly books by Jordan Quinn. This fantasy series is not available as audiobooks but was seriously beloved by my 5 year old and by me! I highly recommend them to any beginning readers.

Which brings us to The Secrets of Droon by Tony Abbott. About a trio of plucky friends who discover a hidden world where reside sorcerers, witches, magical creatures, and more, this long-running fantasy series kicks it up a notch.

There are 34 books (plus a number of special editions) in the series but we’ve only gotten through the first 6 books so far in two fast-paced, action-packed collections, narrated by Oliver Wyman. I am so hoping for more!