Book – The Frog Princess


We gave this book a try as it was on sale through Audible for just $1.95, and we’ve had great experiences listening to books narrated by Katherine Kellgren.

The Frog Princess is actually the first in a series of books by E. D. Baker about Princess Emma, who gets turned into a frog when she kisses a cursed frog prince. If that sounds familiar, it’s because Disney’s The Princess and the Frog is loosely based on this story.

If you like fairy tales, especially mixed-up fairy tales, like my daughter does, then you might like this book. We’re looking forward to listening to the rest of the series one day!


Series – Akimbo


Another series by Alexander McCall Smith that we love.

Just like Precious RamotsweAkimbo is inquisitive and brave. As the son of the head ranger on a game preserve in Africa, he gets up close and personal with lots of different animals.

There are five books in this great series, but we’ve only found audio versions for the first four. Narrated by the author.

Look for them at your library, or on Audible.

Series – Geronimo Stilton


Currently my kid’s new favourite series. She found the popular books at the library, and I immediately checked to see if audio versions were available. Why yes!

Created by Italian author Elisabetta Dami, then translated into English (and many other languages), it’s about a mouse named Geronimo, who hails from New Mouse City on Mouse Island. He’s a journalist at The Rodent’s Gazette, and has adventures all over the world with his sister Thea, cousin Trapp, and nephew Benjamin.

The books have cute illustrations, and it’s a fun series for early readers to enjoy with both book and audio.

Some of the earlier books are narrated by actor Edward Hermann, and the later ones by Bill Lobley.




This is just a start. There are almost seventy books in the series – too many to list! And that’s not including the spin-off series about Thea Stilton and other characters who inhabit Mouse universe, which sadly don’t currently have audio versions.

But there’s more than enough Geronimo books to keep you busy!

Author – Beatrix Potter

To be honest, I was not really into the world of Beatrix Potter when I was a kid, though her stories about animals who dress like humans are world-famous. But now I think that’s because I never heard them being told by an amazing narrator!

It’s amazing what a good reading performance can do to elevate a book, and Katherine Kellgren is a phenomenal narrator. I would listen to this unabridged collection just for her perfect performance!


Book – The Cricket in Times Square


I stumbled upon this delightful story by George Selden about Chester Cricket and his friends Tucker Mouse and Harry Cat while browsing the to-die-for kids section of Powell’s Books in Portland, OR. I was on the lookout for new audiobooks, and this was perfect for our six hour drive back home to Vancouver, BC.

Wonderfully narrated by actor Tony Shalhoub, the story is about Chester’s musical adventures in New York City. My daughter was hanging on to his every word!

Look for it through Audible, or at your local library!

Series – The Ralph Mouse Collection


I’ve written before about Beverly Cleary‘s famous series about Ramona Quimby and Henry Huggins. Her trilogy about an adventurous young mouse and his motorcycle is equally as fun! The books are:

And they are narrated by actor B. D. Wong, who is a wonderful storyteller. We really loved this imaginative series.