Book – Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH


I loved the movie as a child. I loved the book even more. So glad I got to share this classic by Robert C. O’Brien with my daughter in audiobook format.

Mrs Frisby is a mouse who seeks the help of mysterious intelligent rats to help move her family to safety. A timeless story about a mother’s love and bravery for her family, sprinkled with philosophy.

I’m only sad I can’t find the audio versions of the sequels. But they were fun books to read too!

Author – James Herriot


I discovered this collection of warm and fuzzy animal stories through the audiobook narrator, Jim Dale. (If you didn’t know already, he narrates Harry Potter!)

I actually didn’t know who James Herriot is. Turns out he’s a country veterinarian and author who has written a number of books about his life working with animals. This Treasury for Children is a collection of gentle tales about some of the creatures he’s encountered. Perfect for younger listeners and animal lovers.

Series – Winnie the Pooh

Sometimes you just have to give an audiobook a chance. We had had this unabridged Winnie the Pooh collection for quite a while, but for some reason, maybe because I did not grow up with the stories, I kept choosing other things to listen to.

Then one day, we ran out of material, and finally gave this a try. And both my daughter M and I enjoyed it so much! I can see why Christopher Robin (the real son of author A. A. Milne) endorsed narrator Peter Dennis as “Pooh’s Ambassador Extraordinary.” He really brings the story to life!

This is the original – Disney it is not! But give it a try, and you may love it too.

Series – Bunnicula

I can’t stop looking up my old favourites to share with my daughter. And this series about everyone’s favourite vampire bunny by Deborah and James Howe is no exception.

Even though it’s meant for slightly older kids (perhaps age 8 to 12), my almost five year old still really enjoyed these books! True, some of the jokes in this funny, slightly spooky series went over her head, but I definitely loved re-listening with her.

While I could find the first collection at my local library, I eventually bought the second collection through Audible. Victor Garber is wonderful as the narrator in the first six books. I’d say the seventh book that doesn’t quite live up to the earlier works, but overall, still worth checking out the series.