Book – Mrs Frisby and the Rats of NIMH


I loved the movie as a child. I loved the book even more. So glad I got to share this classic by Robert C. O’Brien with my daughter in audiobook format.

Mrs Frisby is a mouse who seeks the help of mysterious intelligent rats to help move her family to safety. A timeless story about a mother’s love and bravery for her family, sprinkled with philosophy.

I’m only sad I can’t find the audio versions of the sequels. But they were fun books to read too!

Author – James Herriot


I discovered this collection of warm and fuzzy animal stories through the audiobook narrator, Jim Dale. (If you didn’t know already, he narrates Harry Potter!)

I actually didn’t know who James Herriot is. Turns out he’s a country veterinarian and author who has written a number of books about his life working with animals. This Treasury for Children is a collection of gentle tales about some of the creatures he’s encountered. Perfect for younger listeners and animal lovers.

Author – Chris Colfer

Did I mention my daughter loves fairy tales?

So I know author Chris Colfer best as courageous Kurt Hummel from Glee. But he’s since become a children’s book author, and has an entire series of books called The Land of Stories, about twins who enter a world where fairy tales are real.

We haven’t actually gotten to his series yet, but we did discover this separate little collection of the classic fairy tales. These are adapted to be not too violent, and acceptable for younger listeners.

For some reason, I don’t find Chris to be as good of an audiobook narrator as he is a Warbler. But overall, my daughter really enjoyed this collection.

Maybe one day, we will get through the Land of Stories series too.

Series – Whatever After


My daughter loves fairy tales, and this series is no exception. Whatever After, by Sarah Mlynowski, follows the adventures of siblings Abby and Jonah as they enter different fairy tale worlds through a magic mirror in their basement. Of course, they mess up the story, and hilarity ensues. It’s a neat twist on classic stories that often need a little updating (as in the princess learns to fend for herself).

I really enjoyed audiobooks mainly because of the narrator Emily Eiden, who brings 10-year old Abby to life perfectly.

Ten books in the series already, and counting! Fun for kids age 8 to 12.

Check them out through Audible, or at your library!

Series – The Magic School Bus


I remember this series best from the 90’s television show, but they are actually based on books, and we just discovered that those books are available as audiobooks!

The Magic School Bus is about the adventures of eccentric Miss Frizzle and her class of budding scientists, as they take fantastic field trips to learn about different topics, such as:

Fun and educational. Great for kids age 5+!

Series – Ivy + Bean


Ivy + Bean is a sweet series of books by Annie Barrows about two very different girls who are best friends. Bean is noisy and wild, while Ivy is quiet and full of ideas.

My daughter loves the friendship aspect of these books! Recommended for age six to nine, but my almost five-year old really dug them.

There are ten books in this series, and the audiobooks are narrated by Cassandra Morris:


Series – The Fudge Books


Seriously, who doesn’t remember and love Judy Blume and her delightful tales about Peter and Fudge Hatcher? And don’t forget their friend Sheila Tubman.

I’m most familiar with the first three books in the series, having read them as a kid myself. But there are five in total:

And they are read by the author herself!

My older daughter (being the big sister) loves the sibling aspect of these books. We have definitely laughed out loud many times listening to Fudge’s hilarious antics. Peter is definitely a good, long-suffering big brother.