Podcast – Bedtime Explorers

I’m on a roll! Two posts in two days. But… mainly because I’m home sick.


It was perfect timing that I discovered this lovely, relaxing podcast, which comes all the way from Down Under. Bedtime Explorers, from Kinderling Kids Radio and hosted by mindfulness coach Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, is a great new meditation series aimed to help soothe kids to sleep.

My kids definitely need this. The summer days are long and everyone’s going to bed way later than usual. There are eight episodes so far, and I’m looking forward to more!


Podcast – Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls


We are big, big fans of the two volumes of Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. Any stories that inspire girls to dream big are ones I that want my daughters to listen to.

The audiobook versions of the two volumes are on the way (out May 1, 2018), but the free podcast is finally here! Told like a fairy tale, these true stories are meant to empower girls and help boys empathize with female heroes.

I’m definitely subscribing to this one, and look forward to more episodes!


Podcast – Little Stories for Tiny People


I wasn’t sure about this podcast when I first heard about it. My older daughter is five now and we’ve started to listen to some pretty adventurous fare; this podcast features cute animals doing cute things. But you know what? She loved it!

Little Stories for Tiny People is a super sweet podcast “featuring original audio stories that will delight the tiny people in your life” and boy does it ever! You can definitely feel the love that writer and performer Rhea Pechter puts into each episode. This podcast is now part of our regularly listening rotation.

P. S. I’m actually quite happy that my big kid is still a tiny person; some days it seems like she is growing up too quickly.

Podcast – Sugarcrash Kids


This charming original music and podcast website is not often mentioned when I crowdsource for new audio story ideas, but I’m sure glad we found it.

There’s so much here. “Through creative music and thoughtful storytelling, Sugarcrash Kids invites kids and grown-ups alike to ignite their sense of wonder and to whimsically adventure into the world around them.”

There are three fun seasons, but sadly doesn’t look like new episodes are being produced right now.

Podcast – Barefoot Books


I’ll preface this post by stating I am not a Barefoot Books ambassador, and have no affiliation with the company. I’m only ever in search of great audio content for my kids!

I first stumbled upon a CD collection called Storytime: First Tales for Sharing at my local library. It was narrated by actor Jim Broadbent and had some cute, classic stories that my then four-year old enjoyed.

When I started looking for more Barefoot titles online, I discovered their lovely little podcast. Just cue the jaunty intro – my daughter M loves it!

I’m actually very late to the game, as this podcast was produced from 2010 to 2013, and no new episodes are being made. But you can still enjoy over a hundred classic folk and fairy tales for free!

Podcast – Disney Story Central


If your kids are not into Disney, just skip this post.

If they are (like mine, despite my efforts in trying to shift them away from commercialism), by all means, check out this free podcast.

These short episodes basically re-tell the story of the more recent Disney movies, but without the movie. My daughters’ favourites, like Frozen and Moana, are included. Except now I don’t have to turn on a screen. I’m going to call that a win.

Podcast – Circle Round


This is a relatively new storytelling podcast that we’re loving right now!

As per their website, Circle Round “tells carefully-selected folktales from around the world with an eye towards inclusivity. Stories are adapted for today’s families into 10 to 20 minute diverse episodes that delve into topics such as kindness, persistence and generosity.”

The productions are so well done, and we love the extra actors providing character voices, in addition to the main narrator. Love love love!