Tumble Books


Maybe you need a little screen time for your younger child, but want an alternative to regular television. Check if your school or town library has a subscription to the Tumble Book Library (I am definitely lucky that Vancouver Public Library has so many digital resources). Tumble Books are interactive, talking picture books complete with animation, text, narration, and music! You read along on your computer or tablet. I haven’t fully explored all the features yet, but there are puzzles and games, books in other languages, National Geographic videos, graphic novels, and more.

tumble book cloud jr

Slightly older children may enjoy Tumble Book Cloud Junior, same idea but meant for children in grades 3-8. My kids aren’t in school (yet – almost), so I haven’t gone through the content in great detail.

And of course, there is Tumble Book Cloud for teenagers and adults. Yes, something for everyone! Did I mention this is all free through our library!?