Podcast – But Why


Ah, the eternal question, “Why?

Every kid seems to go through a questioning phase, and this free science podcast aims to answer some of those burning queries.

Produced by Vermont Public Radio, Buy Why allows kids to send in their own questions, and they provide the answers! They tackle all sorts of questions, big and small.


Podcast – Ear Snacks


Another terrific podcast for younger listeners!

Ear Snacks comes from music makers Andrew and Polly, and combines songs and science, filled with interviews with both kids and experts, for a well-produced, fun experience.

Add it to your listening rotation.

Podcast – Tumble Science Podcast for Kids


The name says it all – it’s a science podcast for kids!

Tumble is another excellent free podcast for the young scientist. Hosts Lindsay and Marshall interview guest scientists on each episode, in a fun way that brings each topic to life. They cover many a kid-friendly subject. Like poop and ninjas.

If you like Radiolab, you just might love Tumble for your children. Wonderful listening for the whole family!

Series – The Magic School Bus


I remember this series best from the 90’s television show, but they are actually based on books, and we just discovered that those books are available as audiobooks!

The Magic School Bus is about the adventures of eccentric Miss Frizzle and her class of budding scientists, as they take fantastic field trips to learn about different topics, such as:

Fun and educational. Great for kids age 5+!

Podcast – NPR Wow in the World


If you and your kids like science, check out Wow in the World from National Public Radio. NPR makes dozens of different podcasts (I wish I had time to listen to them all), and have recently put out their first ever family-friendly podcast looking into different stories in science and technology.

Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz are the two funny and fully-experienced podcast hosts. And the podcast is definitely free!

Recommended for ages 5 to 12. I’ve checked out a few episodes and think my daughter (at age 4) is just slightly young for it right now, but I can’t wait to start listening with her soon!