Book – Pippi Longstocking


I have really fond memories of this book, about a fabulously strong, kind and completely unconventional girl and her two next-door neighbour friends. My 5 year old laughed along too!

Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren is just about as absurd and fun as I remember it. Definitely a classic worth listening to.

Narrator Christina Moore is actually a bit no-nonsense sounding, but somehow it works well for this book.


Series – The 39 Clues


So I’m actually embarrassed by how much I was entertained by this collaborative adventure series (speaking as a grown adult, and not because I enjoyed this as a child like some of the other children’s books I’ve reviewed).

Rated for age 9+ and definitely not for young kids as there’s violence, murder, and mean language. But despite having a completely unrealistic story line and unnecessary merchandising, the series was quite thrilling and fun.

The plot centers on two orphaned siblings, Amy and Dan, who are a part of the Cahill family, the most influential family in the world! *insert eye roll* However this leads to lots of incidental learning about historical figures and different countries.

Amy and Dan must compete with their extended family members to gather the 39 clues in order to solve an ancient family mystery.

The series is written by a number of different authors, such as Rick Riordan, and is narrated by David Pittu, who does a nice job. Check this out at your library if you’re looking for not too serious, popcorn-y entertainment.


Series – Flat Stanley


Young Stanley Lambchop was hit by a falling bulletin board and is now as flat as a pancake. But being half an inch thick has advantages, like the ability to be mailed all over the world! Readers can travel with him and his brother Arthur, in Flat Stanley’s Worldwide Adventures.

My daughter loved the original whimsical picture book by Jeff Brown. This particular series was written after his death by a number of different authors, including Sara Pennypacker (who we know and love from the Clementine series)! My daughter devoured it all the same.

Series – Magic Tree House


There are so far over fifty books in this long but popular historical fantasy series about siblings Jack and Annie, and their time/space travels via the magic tree house. Readers/listeners get to follow their quests, and learn about different historical eras in locations around the world!

The audio series is narrated by the author Mary Pope Osborne, who is not my favourite narrator unfortunately as her performances are a little dry, but the material is great. You can give it a try through your library.





Series – Whatever After


My daughter loves fairy tales, and this series is no exception. Whatever After, by Sarah Mlynowski, follows the adventures of siblings Abby and Jonah as they enter different fairy tale worlds through a magic mirror in their basement. Of course, they mess up the story, and hilarity ensues. It’s a neat twist on classic stories that often need a little updating (as in the princess learns to fend for herself).

I really enjoyed audiobooks mainly because of the narrator Emily Eiden, who brings 10-year old Abby to life perfectly.

Ten books in the series already, and counting! Fun for kids age 8 to 12.

Check them out through Audible, or at your library!

Series – The Fudge Books


Seriously, who doesn’t remember and love Judy Blume and her delightful tales about Peter and Fudge Hatcher? And don’t forget their friend Sheila Tubman.

I’m most familiar with the first three books in the series, having read them as a kid myself. But there are five in total:

And they are read by the author herself!

My older daughter (being the big sister) loves the sibling aspect of these books. We have definitely laughed out loud many times listening to Fudge’s hilarious antics. Peter is definitely a good, long-suffering big brother.

Series – Judy Moody


Lately my daughter has been loving the Judy Moody series by Megan McDonald. It’s a pretty big series (thirteen books!), and we’re slowly making our way down the book list as we find them in the library, or through Audible.

Sale alert: I picked up the few titles missing from our library from the Audible Summer Listening Sale (select kids’ books for $3.95 or less until until Aug 27, 2017).

What I like most about Judy is that she makes it okay to be in a mood (good or bad). But the point is that people don’t always have to be happy. There are ups and downs, and she gets through them with help from her parents, younger brother Stink, and her friends. I also think it’s awesome that her hero is Elizabeth Blackwell, first woman doctor, and that Judy aspires to be a doctor one day too.

Stink is such a hilarious character, he even has his own spin-off series, which we haven’t checked out yet, but it’s on the list!

So if you’re on the hunt for a series about a precocious, funny girl with heart, this is a really fun one. “Rare!”