This summer, I’m doing a 30-day free trial of Tales2Go, a subscription audiobook service aimed at kids from K-12.

So far, so good! Countless wonderful children’s titles to choose from – it’s like being a kid in a candy store! There are definitely some that I haven’t been able to find at our local library.

I’ve been mainly using the desktop player instead of the phone app, and casting it to our smart speaker. Not sure if I will end up keeping the subscription yet as we already subscribe to Spotify and there are so many free options out there, but this one is a definite contender.




This summer, I discovered Epic! It’s a subscription eBook library for kids that offers access to thousands of eBooks, read-to-me books, audiobooks, and videos.

The cost is $7.99 per month, but free for elementary school teachers and librarians. If you happen to be an educator, by all means, get this app! For everyone else, you can also do a one-month free trial, which I am now checking out.

My review. I think this app would be nice to keep if we didn’t already have free access to Overdrive and Tumble Books through our library. Many of the titles overlap. Yes, there are a massive number of eBooks, but my kids are not reading independently yet, and I don’t really want to read to them off a screen. I downloaded the phone app to play audiobooks off of. However, the app does not run in the background (unlike how my other music and podcast apps operate). So the story shuts off if I try to do anything else on my phone or even turn the screen off to save power. Largely because of this, I’m finding I haven’t been using my free trial time as effectively as I’d like. I have played a few of the audio stories off my PC, and that’s been fine. It’s the not-so-great phone app (for me) that’s keeping me from fully recommending it.

There is definitely no harm in signing up for a free month though, and if you don’t have another source for digital audio stories, this might be the subscription for you!